Biblionaut Expeditions is open for review requests!

We focus primarily on books for young readers so we will be reviewing board books, picture books, early readers, chapter books, middle grade fiction and non-fiction, young adult fiction and non-fiction, and graphic novels for all age ranges. We are also open to adult books with young adult crossover appeal and audiobooks!

We are open to reading books from a wide variety of genres as the kids’ interest and mine are very different. Plus the kids’ interests change all the time! We’ll read just about anything when it comes to picture books and early readers. You can pitch us anything for the higher age ranges, too. Good genres to start with are science fiction, fantasy, middle grade humor/contemporary, highly illustrated middle grade novels, and graphic novels in all genres and age ranges (fiction and non-fiction). We have a special interest in books with LGBT themes in all genres and for all age ranges. We may not be able to review every book but we will certainly make an effort to get through as many as we can! Also, please understand that we are a single parent home and a family that found each other through foster care and adoption so that may inform our opinions on certain books and topics.

We accept both physical copies of books as well as electronic copies, however, we prefer physical copies because it makes it easier for us to share and talk about them. We have Kindles in our household but can access other file types. Additionally, all of the physical review copies we receive (with the exception of those that my kids really, really love) are donated to local organizations that reach children in need. These include a local organization that provides gently used books to children in the community, foster care related organizations, our local library, and more.

We make our best effort to post all reviews on GoodReads and all our social media platforms. Reviews or excerpts of reviews may be posted to Amazon as well. Some reviews may be cross-posted to Nerdophiles – especially reviews for science fiction, fantasy, and otherwise nerdy titles in the middle grade, young adult, and graphic novel categories.

We currently do not accept review requests from self-published authors.


We have a very simple rating system here because we needed one that everyone in our family could understand. We do not rate on a star system though we will translate our ratings to stars for the purpose of posting on GoodReads or other review platforms.

We LOVED it!
These are books that we loved and will (or have) read again. These are books that we absolutely recommend and thoroughly enjoyed. [Equatable to a 5 star review.]

We LIKED it!
These are books that we definitely recommend and enjoyed reading. While there may have been a few things we didn’t like, they didn’t take away from the story at all. [Equatable to a 4 star review – possibly a 5 star review.]

It was OKAY!
These are books that we liked well enough but that we probably do not expect to read again. These may be books that we would recommend to specific people but not broadly. [Equatable to a 3 star review – possibly a 2 or 4 even star review depending on the content of the review.]

These are books that just weren’t for us! For some reason or another we either did not finish these books or did not feel satisfied by the end. [Equatable to a 2 star review or ‘Did Not Finish.’]

For some reason or another we just did not like this book. It may have been because of something that turned us off for some reason. We may have just really not liked something else about it. [Equatable to a 1 star review.]

I do not anticipate posting many “We DIDN’T LIKE it!” reviews because once we decide a book isn’t for us we probably won’t continue with it. If we post a review on why we didn’t like something there will be a very thought out reason and review to go with it. There’s also a pretty good chance that we won’t post many “It WASN’T FOR US!” reviews because we believe that it’s okay to just move on from a book that doesn’t click with the reader.

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