Biblionaut Expeditions is a family blog that focuses on book reviews for a wide range of readers. We love all kinds of books and we’re excited to share that love with everyone! You will primarily find reviews for books here that are targeted at younger readers. This includes picture books, easy readers, middle grade novels, and young adult novels. We also love comics and graphic novels and so you’ll definitely see a lot of those covered as well.

Our family also loves to talk about books with the people who have created them. We hope to share interviews with you which the kids and I will work on together. We also plan to participate in blog tours as well so that we can meet even more people with whom we can talk about books! We also want to share all the fun, nerdy, crafty, and bookish things we get up to with folks. So expect a little bit of everything from us!

Meet the Biblionauts

Books have always been a huge part of Sam’s life. She has been an avid reader ever since she could read and can still tell you all about her favorite childhood books. Sam has been reviewing books for about eight years over at Nerdophiles where she still serves as Executive Editor. She loves graphic novels and science fiction. Though she may be a grown-up, she still enjoys middle grade fiction the most. Her favorite books include Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, World War Z, Star Wars: Lost Stars, The Martian, and so many more!

Audiobooks are Dash’s favorite way to fall asleep and he listens to one book or another practically every night before bed. During the day he spends his time playing video games and playing the guitar or bass guitar in multiple local high school bands. He is studying audio/visual technology at the local technological school and hopes to make a career out of music and audio recording. His favorite books include The Martian, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and biographies or autobiographies of famous musicians.

Don’t think you’ll ever get out of reading Alex a bedtime story! Reading books is one of her absolute favorite things to do and anyone who comes to visit ends up reading her one or two (or six) before they leave. She is learning to read chapter books on her own and hopes to someday be on her school’s Battle of the Books team. She loves princesses and zombies equally and wants to be either a doctor, teacher, or police officer when she grows up. Her favorite books include Dog Man, Dork Diaries, the Questioneers books, Snow Pony and the Seven Miniature Ponies, and Green Eggs and Ham (which she pretty much has memorized).

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