All Summer Long

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Sam reviewed this book!

It is officially summer for a lot of us so it’s the perfect time to start looking for those next great summer reads. Hope Larson’s All Summer Long is a great pick and not just because summer is right there in the name. All Summer Long is a coming-of-age graphic novel about a girl named Bina who is realizing that sometimes growing up means accepting big changes in the way things have always been.

After spending years hanging out with her best friend Austin during the summer, Bina finds herself alone the summer after their seventh grade year. Instead of wracking up points for their self-proclaimed “Summer Fun Index” together Austin is leaving for summer camp and Bina is left behind to entertain herself. As disappointed as she may be, though, the change lets Bina explore her own love of music, make a new very unexpected friend, and have the kind of experiences she may never have been able to have before. Of course, when Austin comes back, Bina hopes everything can go back to normal which isn’t exactly how things work out.

All Summer Long does a really great job of exploring how relationships can change and how that’s okay. While Austin and Bina’s relationship is a big part of the story we also see Bina’s relationship with new friend Charlie and her family changing as the summer progresses. I think that aspect of the storytelling really speaks to readers – many of whom are likely seeing their own relationships grow and change as they get older.

All Summer Long is a very relatable story that a lot of young readers – especially middle school girls – can see themselves in. Even as an adult I could see a lot of my younger self in Bina! Her journey is very believable and organic. I love how she gets to embrace her love of music and share that with someone new while starting to explore her future as a musician and songwriter. And I love how she realizes that it’s okay to follow your dreams and even drift apart from your friends as long as you’re being true to yousrelf.

There are a lot of great lessons to be learned and shared with young readers.

If you’re looking for a great summer read for young young reader, All Summer Long is definitely one to check out! And if they end up loving it, there’s a sequel on the way that will come out just in time for the first day of school: All Together Now!

Title: All Summer Long
Series: Eagle Rock #1
Author: Hope Larson
Release Date: November 23, 2018
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Review Spoilers: Low
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