Kevin the Unicorn: Why Can’t We Be Bestie-corns?

We read a digital review copy provided by the publisher.
Sam and Alex reviewed this book!

Kevin the Unicorn is back in Jessika von Innerebner’s latest book, Why Can’t We Be Bestie-corns? After realizing that things don’t always have to be perfect in It’s Not All Rainbows, Kevin has a new issue to tackle. Usually great at making new friends, he and his new neighbor Eric (who is also a unicorn) find themselves struggling to find common ground.

When Eric first moves in, Kevin has all these plans for them to be best friends. Eric, a similarly upbeat and friendly unicorn, feels the same way. They immediately start doing things together and try to share their favorite activities, movies, and more. Unfortunately, nothing they do seems to interest them both a the same time. As much as they may like each other, they don’t really seem to have much of anything else in common.

Similar to the moral in It’s Not All Rainbows, the moral of the story in Why Can’t We Be Bestie-Corns? seeks to show young readers that things don’t always have to be perfect. Even if Kevin and Eric can’t be best friends that doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly. Just because they don’t enjoy spending time together doesn’t mean that they can’t encourage one another still. They may not be best friends but they will always be neighbors.

And that’s okay!

Kevin realizes that you don’t have to be bestie-corns with everyone. And young readers may realize too that you can’t force a friendship to happen but you can still be kind. You can still be nice. That’s an important lesson and it can lead to a lot of different types of conversations with your young reader. Kids can be encouraged to be friendly with everyone – just like Kevin and Eric – and there may be situations in their lives to which parents can compare the story.

Once again, von Innerebner brings to live an amazing, magical world of unicorns with her adorable style and bright, colorful illustrations. There are even some great throwbacks to the first book in the backgrounds including a new sign on the Soda Shack that replaces the ‘no smile, no service’ sign from the original. Even the rest of the unicorns are taking Kevin’s stories to heart!

Kevin the Unicorn is an excellent series that combines kids’ love of unicorns with some really great lessons. I loved Why Can’t We Be Bestie-corns? and I heartily recommend this book and It’s Not All Rainbows to anyone who has a young unicorn lover in their life.

Alex LOVED this book!

Title: Why Can’t We Be Bestie-corns?
Series: Kevin the Unicorn #2
Author: Jessika von Innerebner
Release Date: September 8, 2020
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Review Spoilers: Moderate
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