Milo’s Christmas Parade

We read a review copy provided by the publisher.
Sam and Alex reviewed this book!

Author and illustrator Jennie Palmer’s Milo’s Christmas Parade is a book that’s truly written from the heart. Pulling from her time designing parade floats for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, she tells the story of a young opossum with a dream and a love for the holidays. Milo’s Christmas Parade manage to capture the wonder of holiday parades through Palmer’s colorful, festive illustrations.

It also perfectly captures what it’s like to have a dream and realize it in large part because of the supportive friends and family around you!

In the book, Milo has grown up watching the annual Christmas parade while his family prefers to feast on the treats left behind by the crowds. He finally gets the courage to realize his dream and with the help of his passel (a fun word for a opossum family you’ll learn in this book). They don’t understand Milo’s passion at all but they’re family and they love him and so Milo and his family decide to make their own float for the next year’s Christmas parade. Despite challenges that arise they help him see things through until Milo finally gets his chance to join the big parade!

This is a super fun read that surprisingly highlights opossums who aren’t exactly traditionally thought of at Christmas-time. The story about family coming together to realize Milo’s dream (even when they don’t understand it) will speak to parents and children. And everyone will love the cute illustrations of opossums, Christmas, and more.

Milo’s Christmas Parade is a super fun read and something different to check out for the holidays!

Alex LIKES this Book!
“I liked the book because it’s about Christmas. I like Christmas every year. The opossums were really cute. I liked that they helped Milo make his float even though they didn’t understand him. They were nice and trying to help. They don’t get mad at Milo. They want him to have his dream and be in the parade and meet Santa.”

Title: Milo’s Christmas Parade
Author: Jennie Palmer
Release Date: October 20, 2020
Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers
Review Spoilers: Moderate
GoodReads | Amazon | BN

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